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Sponsors Section Rules


Make sure to check the laws of country you reside before ordering from approved Sponsors.
Responsibility is on the buyer side, approved Sponsors and can't and will not be held responsible under any circumstances if you break the laws of country where orders are sent to.

Apart from Sponsor, any registered forum member may start the thread as long as relates directly to sponsor in the forum title. Rate the customer service, ask questions, discuss their products.

Attention Sponsors:

You have permissions to moderate own forums and privilege to nominate 1 (one) more forum member or a rep (representative) to do the same on your behalf. To do so, please contact me through Private Message System.

It is generally advised to start with creation of sticky thread containing own set of rules for members to follow. These rules are yours only and no member of forum administration is to interfere with them.

You may start as many topics as you like. Feel free to stick, open, close, edit or delete at your convenience.

Sponsorship Options

- Rotating banner not smaller than 468x60 at top of the forum and every page
- Personal forum moderated by Sponsor
- Banner added to personal forum too
- Ability to stick, close, edit, delete, move, copy and merge posts/threads
- Ability to see who and when viewed topics and posts within personal forum
- Ability to .......... (private)
- Permission to register another account for sponsor representative - moderator permissions inherited
- Ability to create private forum with password
- Unlimited mass mailout of special deals and promotions to all forum members - per request
- Moderator banner signature advertising your company, choice of 1 moderator per sponsor

Asking Source/Sponsor for payment instructions

One of the problems Sources/Sponsors face are members who ask for payment instructions and never follow through. This is generally known as "info collecting".

Members collect sensitive information in order to do something that is not in best interest of Sponsors; for blackmail purpose or even reporting to Law Enforcement. This practice won't be tollerated at, period.

Before placing an order, make sure to have funds ready and wire the payment within 72 hours from the moment you receive instructions. Failure to do so will result in permanent ban or lengthy suspension depending on circumstances.

Members banned for info collecting will be called out in open for everyone to see.
Sponsors, you are encouraged to report cases of info collecting to Forum Super Moderators and Moderators.
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

 I have read, and agree to abide by the Steroid Forums rules.